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5 Benefits of Learning English from childhood - Berlitz

Many parents understand the importance of learning English, but they do not see it as a priority despite being a source of opportunities for their children. Know below the benefits of learning english from childhood

According to the book «The Sociopolitics of English Language Teaching» by Joan Kelly Hall and William G. Eggington, «Individuals who speak English gain concrete economic advantage.» and that is why we elaborate this list, to show all parents the great benefits of learning English for their childs:

5) Learning faster

From child to the 3 years of age, our brain gets its maximum of plasticity, enhancing the learning of a new language and opening new doors of understanding the world.

4) Positive impact in health

  • Improves concentration
  • Allows your child to perform several tasks at the same time
  • Increases attention and memory

3) Gives to your child access to the globalized world

Improves the interest of your child in other cultures, feeding their personal growth.

2) Loss of scenic fear

Kids don’t have prejudments and learn without fears, that is why studing english allows them to be prepared to face the future.

  • Greater employment opportunities

Learning another language improves in 44 percent the opportunities of getting a good job.

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