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    Children exposed to multilanguage environments are better natural communicators – Berlitz
    A new study from the University of Chicago has shown that children exposed to multi-language environments become born social communicators over children who only speak 1 language. Know the study data below.
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    Berlitz Broward received approval as an official Vendor for Broward County Public Schools.
    The value of learning more than one language
    The Value of Learning a Second Language
    Learning a second language can benefit a person in a number of ways. For instance, a person discovers the tradition and customs of a different culture. In addition, a student of a second language is exposed to the history and famous figures of another country. A student who is learning a second language must develop the ability to pick up the various sounds of unfamiliar words, understand, and interpret them which has been shown to improve thinking skills. An individual who wants to move to a higher position in a company may consider taking a class to learn a second language as it is seen as a valuable asset, depending on the company. Knowledge of a second language is a valuable skill to list on a resume in almost any line of work. Whether it be a young student or an adult, anyone can learn a second language. Undoubtedly, once the person has learned a second language he or she will uncover more and more benefits of possessing that skill. Learn more...
    3 surprising ways learning english could change the life of your child – Berlitz
    Numerous studies around the world have shown that learning English is a beneficial choice for the academic success of our children, however there are other hidden benefits that you surely do not know. Here we show you 3 surprising ways learning Learn more...